History of the University Center

The University Center at Ponca City was established in March 1999 through the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education under the name “University Learning Center of Northern Oklahoma.” The mission was to serve the needs of adults seeking higher education opportunities in Northern Oklahoma.

This unique pilot program opened its doors in Ponca City because there were no other major Universities in the immediate area. ConocoPhillips helped support the University Center mission by providing the donation of their facilities. The first semester in the fall of 1999 started with an enrollment of 45 students.

In 2006 the name was changed to the University Center at Ponca City to establish the relationship between the University Center and the city of Ponca City.

Today, the University Center has matured to an average enrollment of 350 students per semester. There are now 18 degree programs offered through interactive television (ITV) format and 48 online degree options. The University Center partners with 13 accredited higher education institutions to offer distance education to students in Northern Oklahoma.

The University Center at Ponca City has served more than 6,000 students since its inception and has had approximately 700 graduates.