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Getting started at the University Center is easy – let us help you. Call 580.718.5600 to set up an appointment to meet with an advisor. If you are a new student and enrolling for the first time at the University Center, make sure to bring copies of all of your transcripts, including any colleges or universities you have previously attended.

For new students, get a head start by completing your admission application online to the college or university you plan to earn your degree.

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Interactive Television (ITV) Degree Options at the University Center

The following degrees can be earned by attending the majority of your classes at the University Center. The link to begin the online application can be found by scrolling to the bottom of each page.

For the following degrees, apply to Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Bachelor’s Degree Offerings

  • Accounting
  • Computer Science
  • Business Administration
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Special Education
  • General Studies
  • Psychology

Master’s Degree Offerings

  • Adult Education Management & Administration
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Leadership Administration
  • Education – Guidance & Counseling (PK-12)
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education

For the following degree, apply to Cameron University

Master’s Degree Offerings

  • Business Administration (MBA)

For the following degrees, apply to Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Master’s Degree Offerings

  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Management
  • Education